iTunes Alarm Clock

iTunes Alarm Clock 2.0

iTunes Alarm Clock is an alarm clock that talks nice with iTunes

iTunes Alarm Clock is an alarm clock that talks nice with iTunes. How hateful it is to have your alarm clock not sound at all because of any given reason. iTunes Alarm Clock will help you out if you leave your computer on at all times. You can use this as your main alarm clock or a back-up one to help you get up in the morning. You can actually use this for any reminder throughout the day, but this is the use I would give it. The application allows you to use the songs that are stored on your iTunes libraries as your alarms. It is certainly better to wake up to a smooth song than to a loud buzzer. You get to add more than one alarms if you want to, and there is a timer for each one of them that tells you how much time is left until the certain alarm is due. You only have to specify the time of your alarm, select a song and you are done. According to the website, the application has been redesigned to accommodate much of the code that is needed to make it easier to use. Also, now they can port this application to Mac, maybe then they will add a better GUI, which looks more 2009. However, the application serves its sole purpose well.

José Fernández
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  • It allows you to use iTunes songs as alarms
  • It's free


  • Not-so-good design
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